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    Launched inWorld Cancer Day on 4 February is a global initiative to raise awareness and increase action. Read more about what the EU does to improve public health.

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    Hearing: From lab to life: transforming childhood, adolescent and rare cancer care - On 23 February, the Special Committee on Beating Cancer put the spotlight on paediatric, adolescent and rare cancers. The public hearing addressed research, treatment and rare cancer care and the rights and needs of patients, parents and survivors and caregivers.

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    Watch the meeting again by clicking on the link below. Public Hearing "Mind the gap: For equal access to cancer medicines and treatments" - On 28 January MEPs from the Beating Cancer committee discussed with ten leading experts how to colorectal cancer who 2021 the best possible care to cancer patients in the EU. Topics ranged from cancer drugs to multidisciplinary cancer care with a specific angle on paediatric and rare cancers and the social determinants in accessing cancer care.

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    Cancer patients are among the more vulnerable population groups, and cancer care has also suffered from the impact of the pandemic on the functioning of the healthcare systems. BECA Background Note: Equal access to cancer medicines and treatments - Ahead of the its Public Hearing "Mind the gap: For equal access to cancer medicines and treatments"" on 28 Januarythe Beating Cancer Committee prepared a briefing covering a wide range of issues related to cancer treatment.

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