Translation of "youngest brother" in Romanian

Brother (1997 english)

The Boy on the Bridge 49m When a boy's mutilated body is found on a bridge, alienist Dr. Kreizler notices similarities to an unsolved murder involving a former patient of his.

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A Fruitful Partnership 48m Giorgio's brother shares with Sara a revealing comment the police made to his family. Kreizler calls a team meeting.

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John investigates at the brothel. Silver Smile 45m Sally helps Kreizler better understand the victims' relationship to the killer. When another specii parazite de platyhelminthes is found, Sara notices its location fits a pattern. These Bloody Thoughts 49m Kreizler visits a former patient to solutii pt negi inside a sadist's mind.

John develops a theory about the silver smile.

Translation of "youngest brother" in Romanian

Santorelli gets a horrific letter. Roosevelt learns of Willem Van Bergen and takes matters into his own hands. Ascension 46m Hoping to lure the killer, the team uses Stevie as bait. Sara catches Kreizler in a strange lie and confronts him. Connor learns Willem is on the run.

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Many Sainted Men 49m Mutilations on the latest body suggest the killer may be linked to the Old West. Kreizler is forced to rethink how he treats those in his household.

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Psychopathia Sexualis 44m At St. Elizabeths, Kreizler and John learn of a soldier fitting their profile. Hearing their news, Sara visits the suspect's hometown in upstate N. Requiem 49m As Cyrus plans to get revenge against Connor, Sara takes the team to brother (1997 english) Census Bureau, where they get a lead on their suspect's whereabouts.

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Castle in the Sky 54m When Joseph goes missing, John fears the worst and pours his heart out to Sara. Kreizler and Sara share past traumas. Kreizler confronts the killer.

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Release year: A year later, Sara is now running her own detective agency, which is tasked with finding the kidnapped infant daughter of a Spanish diplomat. Ex Brother (1997 english) Infantium 48m Now running her own detective agency, Sara joins John and Kreizler in an effort to stop an execution, and is tasked with finding a kidnapped baby.

Something Wicked 51m Sara follows her only lead, the doll found in the crib, back to Siegel Cooper, where she finds a clue that sends her and John to a rough neighborhood.

Labyrinth 49m Sara interviews the staff at the Lying In Hospital. The Isaacson twins find a clue in the Napp baby's stomach. Señora Linares agrees to be hypnotized.

The Alienist

Tensions run high at John's engagement party. Señora Linares spots the suspected kidnapper in a photo. Belly of the Beast 49m The kidnapper is identified in a brother (1997 english) book of criminals' known associates. Sara takes a risk in an attempt to find baby Ana brother (1997 english) it's too late.

Memento Mori 49m Kreizler's lack of attention to Paulie brings misfortune. Sara and her team return to Goo Goo's boarding house, where they make a chilling discovery. Last Exit to Brooklyn 47m While Sara and John go to Brooklyn and learn about the kidnapper's childhood, Byrnes offers Goo Goo a ransom and lures the kidnapper out of hiding.

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Better Angels 56m The kidnapper is pressured to reveal the Vanderbilt baby's location. Brother (1997 english) shares fateful news with John. Kreizler receives an invitation from Karen.

Este fratele mai mic al cunoscutului scriitor englez Durrell Lawrence. Inthe King's youngest brother and heir presumptive, Francis, Duke of Anjou, died.

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